Flags Custom Packaging


AGAS offers a wide variety of packaging to fit your needs.  Standard packaging or Bulk packaging is dependent on the product and is done so to allow for the most efficient use of space and to meet all shipping requirements. If you need to display or gift your items you pay want to consider specialized packaging. For all stick flags, car flags, windsocks and other small sized items AGAS offers both stock and custom header cards. With this option the products are individually poly bagged and a heavy duty printed paper header card is stapled to the top. Header cards not only a great way to display your items but also make it easy to organize stock. Large flags from 12″x18″ up to 5’x8′ are packaged in either clam shells or boxes.


Clam shells are sturdy clear plastic boxes that house the flag and a paper insert. Clam shells keep the flag clean and allow for easy display and storage. The paper inserts are available both in stock and custom designs. If you are in need of a more professional packaging option flags 12″x18″ up to 5″x8″ are available in cardboard boxes. All USA Embroidered flags are available packaged in boxes printed with a patriotic design. All stocked products are available in the appropriate packaging, for more information reference the specific design page for the product. Other stock or custom designs are available upon request; please speak with a sales representative for more information.

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