Shipping Quotes



AGAS ships with UPS for both international and domestic shipments. Shipping costs are assessed at the time of shipping to avoid over charging and are simply the charges UPS charges us.


The warehouse will ship all orders ground unless otherwise specified or if the order is rushed. All rush orders will be shipping whichever way necessary to make the in hand date.


If needed estimated shipping cost can be provided prior to your order shipping. Please allow up to one business day for a shipping quote. Any shipping cost quoted before an order is actually sent is
an approximation and may change. Any additional shipping charges will be charged to your account.


When we give a shipping quote it is with using the best information we have at the time. If the product, time frame, shipping destination changes or delays occur due to non payment or late artwork approval the shipping quote may also change.


Transit Times

Most AGAS products will ship from our Philadelphia Warehouse, although we do have other locations including Los Angles and Florida. Transit times will depend on where your product is shipping from, where it is shipping to and how by what method it was shipped. If your items ship from our Philadelphia warehouse most of the east coast is a 1-2 day ship by UPS ground, Florida and most of the south is a 2-3 day ship.


The mid-west is usually 3-4 days and the west coast and Texas are 4-5 days. AGAS recommends expedited shipping in any instance in which you have an event or in hand date in order to avoid any late deliveries. For larger order trucking may be an option to reduce shipping costs. If you have specific questions on transit time or shipping methods.


Please call us at 1-866-Any-Flag (269-3524). AGAS can use your shipping account if provided. Please provide this information as soon as possible after the order is placed to avoid delays in shipping. If AGAS uses your account to ship your order we have no control over the shipping process, if a delay or problem occurs you will need to contact the shipper yourself to resolve the matter.

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